Department of Pedagogy

The Department of Pedagogy was founded on 27 December 27 1999, whereas on 19 June 2000 the first curriculum of pedagogy studies was adopted. The first group if students was enrolled in the 2000/01 academic year, a total of 67 of them. The number of those interested in studying pedagogy started increasing year after year and reached the number of 150 candidates for 50 Pedagogy Bachelor Studies entrance slots in the academic year 2012/13.

The Department of Pedagogy began its work with the teaching staff of two professors from the Department and four professors from the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology.  One of the first two teachers, professor Miomir Ivković, was transferred from the Department of Sociology, while the other one, professor Jovica Ranđelović, was elected (becoming an assistant professor). The number of teachers in the Department grew year after year and in early 2019 it consists of the following staff: Zorica Stanisavljević Petrović, full professor, Marina Matejević, full professor, Bisera Jevtić, full professor, Jelena Maksimović, associate professor, Marija Jovanović, associate professor, Jelena Petrović, assistant professor, Zoran Stanković, assistant professor, Marija Marković, assistant professor, Dragana Jovanović, assistant professor, Jelena Osmanović, teaching assistant, Anastasija Mamutović, teaching fellow.

The Head of the Department is Zoran Stanković, assistant professor.

During its development, the Department of Pedagogy has successfully collaborated and still continues to collaborate with eminent institutions and individuals from the field of pedagogy in Serbia.

In accordance with changes in the law of Higher Education, the Department of Pedagogy was accredited to provide BA and MA studies. Members of the Department deal not only with curriculum activities but also with scientific work, participating in a number of projects, individual research and publications in scientific journals and volumes.

Centre for Pedagogic Research

Education is a vital and invaluable resource in society development which stresses the relevance of a modernized pedagogical system and the importance of the pedagogical profession. A pedagogue’s profile is the imperative of the time whose obligation is, through reliable methodology, to project progressive changes through constant innovation of the educative system.

The Centre for Pedagogic Research is an organizational unit within the Department of Pedagogy.

Its operations aim to influence the change of the educational system through versatile and creative analysis of the pedagogical legacy and pedagogical reality by using innovative means in accordance with the European tendencies related to pedagogical creativity.

Activities of the Centre for Pedagogic Research are seen as the stimuli for a creative, constructive, critical dialogue and operational approach to the humanistic and emancipatory orientation of a modern pedagogical system.

The head of the Centre for Pedagogic Research is professor Bisera Jevtić.