International Cooperation and Projects

The Faculty of Philosophy has participated and still participates in various international projects and mobility programmes including Tempus, Erasmus+, Fulbright, DAAD, and CEEPUS programmes, among others, and involving dozens of international partner institutions from all across the globe and several Embassies based in Belgrade (including those of the United States, France, China PR, Germany, Russian Federation, Greece, South Korea, Belgium, Canada, etc.). It also participates in a number of bilateral or multilateral cooperation programmes supported by participating institutions themselves. The unit responsible for supporting international activities is the Office for International and Interinstitutional Cooperation of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The responsibilities of the Office include mobility and project monitoring, communicating with higher education institutions from different countries, provision of various services related to international mobilities and support to the staff and students, coordination with the University of Niš International Office, organization of staff and student info sessions and meetings dedicated to international cooperation opportunities.

For all inquiries related to international cooperation, please feel free to contact us at


International Relations and Cooperation Staff

Vesnica Krtolica, Senior Associate for International Cooperation

Vesnica Krtolica
Senior Associate for International Cooperation

Vasilisa Cvetković, Junior Researcher

Vasilisa Cvetković
Junior Researcher

Anja Tošić, Junior Researcher

Anja Tošić
Junior Researcher


Contact persons for incoming mobilities

When preparing a Learning Agreement, incoming students (at all levels – undergraduate, master and doctoral) should refer to the following persons for assistance and information regarding courses:

Department of Philosophy
Asst. Prof. Bojan Blagojević, PhD

Department of History
Assoc. Prof. Miloš Đorđević, PhD

Department of Psychology
Miloš Stojadinović

Department of Sociology
Asst. Prof. Miloš Jovanović, PhD

Department of Pedagogy
Asst. Prof. Jelena Petrović, PhD

Department of Communicology and Journalism
Andrej Blagojević

Department of Serbian
Asst. Prof. Jelena Mladenović, PhD

Department of English
Aleksandar Pejčić

Department of French
Assoc. Prof. Ivan Jovanović, PhD

Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Prof. Danijela Gavrliović, PhD

Department of Russian
Asst. Prof. Velimir Ilić, PhD

Department of German
Asst. Prof. Nikoleta Momčilović, PhD


Tempus - MASTS - Master Programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia

The objectives of the Tempus MASTS project are: to develop a modern, interdisciplinary Master - level programme (60 ECTS) for future subject teachers in the second cycle of primary education and in general and vocational secondary education in Serbia within the Law on the Foundations of the Education System and the framework of Bologna process, to improve quality and strengthen the importance of higher teacher education in Serbia in accordance with modern scientific knowledge and current curricula in the European Union, to connect with institutions and research institutes, dealing with higher education, in order to insure continuous modernization of the educational process through international cooperation, and to develop appropriate mechanisms to ensure that legal framework is aligned with the proposed reform leading to the harmonization and regulation of teacher profession in Serbia.

Tempus - FUSE - Fostering University Support Services and Procedures for Full Participation in the European Higher Education Area

The project Fostering University Support Services and Procedures for Full Participation in the European Higher Education Area (FUSE) is aimed at developing, at all levels, the capacities of HEIs in Serbia to establish and improve support services and procedures dealing with international cooperation and mobility in line with advanced EU practices.

Tempus - SHESPSS - Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy Making and Social Services Delivery

The aim of the project Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery (SHESPSS) is to strengthen higher education in the field of social policy making and social services delivery through developing new study programmes, improving existing study programmes and establishing effective links between academic programs and social labour market needs.

Tempus - EQUIED - Equal Access For All: Strengthening the Social Dimension for a Stronger European Higher Education Area

Equal access to higher education provides advantage in access to labour market and represents a major tool for eradicating poverty and social exclusion. With this project we are aiming to increase chances of youth in Serbia to enter and remain in higher education (HE), especially Roma, persons with disabilities, rural population, young people from lower education families and other underrepresented groups.

This project addresses identified problems of diversification of student body entering and completing HE by addressing following set of activities organized in nine work packages.