Study Programmes and Course Catalogue

The academic studies are organized and taught as:

Language of Studies

Studies are organized in the Serbian language. Therefore, international applicants have to demonstrate competence in the Serbian language by a relevant document. Departments of English, French, German and Russian organize most of their teaching activity in their target languages (English, French, German and Russian).

We recommend a course of the Serbian language, free of charge for Erasmus+ students. Namely, they can choose the course Serbian as a foreign language, code OSNM01, 4 ECTS credits for their Learning Agreement.

Academic Calendar

Semester Exam periods
Autumn semester
Early October – Mid January
January (Mid January to Mid February)
Spring semester
Mid February – End of May
April (Mid to Late April), June (Early June to Early July), September (Late August to Early September), October I (Mid September), October II (Late September to Early October)

Please note that the actual dates may vary.

Taking Exams

The exam schedules for each of the final examination periods are posted on the Faculty noticeboards and the website. In order to take an exam, students must sign up for it in advance, using our on-line services. More information can be obtained at the Office of Students’ Affairs.

Grading system

In institutions of higher education in Serbia, a 5−10 grading scale is used (5 is a failing whereas 6−10 are passing grades, 6 being the lowest and 10 the highest passing grade).

Local grades ECTS grades Definition
10 A+ Outstanding
9 A Excellent
8 B Very Good
7 C Good
6 D Sufficient
5 F Insufficient
ECTS credits:
1 academic year = 60 credits
1 semester = 30 credits
1 term/trimester = 20 credits

First degree studies lasting four years and granting, upon their completion, 240 ECTS points. The student who completes bachelor academic studies shall acquire the professional title of Bachelor in the corresponding field.

Second degree studies lasting one year and granting, upon their completion, 60 ECTS points. The student who completes master academic studies shall acquire the academic title of Master in the corresponding field.

Third degree studies lasting at least three years and granting, upon their completion, 180 ECTS points. The student who completes the doctoral academic studies of the third degree shall acquire the scientific title Doctor of Philosophy in the corresponding field.