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The Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Philosophy

The Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Niš is an organizational unit that has supported the scientific activities of this higher education institution systematically and consistently since the founding of the Unit in 2011. To this day, several hundred monographs, textbooks, journals, conference proceedings and other types of academic publications have been technically edited, typeset and published at the Publishing Unit.

The total number of publications produced annually by the Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Philosophy ranges from 40 to 55. This result is accomplished with three employees: Maja Stojković (PhD in Philology/head and proofreader), Darko Jovanović (graduate graphic designer/senior graphic design associate) and Milan Randjelović (graduate graphic designer/senior layout editing associate). In addition to monographs and textbooks, special importance should be given to a significant number of academic journals (12), as well as a respectable number of conference proceedings, ranging from 12 to 16 per year. These numbers prove the high publishing production of a small organizational unit, which could be described as unrivaled in the field of scientific publishing, not only in our country but also in the region. Additionally, it should be noted that such results, which relate not only to the quantity but also to the qualitative properties of the publications, were recognized by the professional public, and the Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Philosophy won the "Initial" award for publishing endeavors at the 48th Niš Book Fair. In cooperation with the Computer Center, the Publishing Unit maintains its own web portal, since 2020 connected to CrossRef - the international system dealing with unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data. The Publishing Unit also cooperates closely with the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy on various matters.

In addition to the support it provides in the development of the scientific research activities of the Faculty, the Publishing Unit has expanded the scope of its activities over time and coordinated them with the needs of the institution. In keeping with the initiative of the Faculty based on approachability and accessibility to inquisitive young generations and the need to familiarize them with the opportunities and study programs it has to offer, part of the organizational policy is dedicated to the promotional activities of the Faculty since October 2016, which is an important part of the presence of the Faculty of Philosophy on the knowledge market. Therefore, one part of the activities relates to the production of newsletters, flyers, posters and all other promotional and advertising materials which ensure visibility and healthy competitiveness of the Faculty of Philosophy in the field of educational and scientific work. In that respect, the Faculty of Philosophy is also recognized as a leader. The support of the Publishing Unit for the activities of the Faculty is reflected in the preparation of certificates, diplomas and various types of documents which belong not only to the usual functions of the Faculty but also to those related to the development of scientific thought - scientific gatherings, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Dedicated to continuous development and improvement, with a clearly defined goal of synchronizing its work with the needs of the time and tendencies of educational and scientific work, the Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Philosophy will continue to maintain its primary orientation related to reinforcing scientific activities. Concurrently, it will try to follow the trends in the field of education, the needs of new times, as well as the achievements and changes that have arisen from them, and will adapt to these needs a significant part of its work engagement.

The Publishing Unit Web Portal

This link will take you to the portal of our publishing unit. Right now, their portal is in Serbian, but each record within the publication database contains the basic data in both Serbian and English.

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