Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy started working on 1 October 2000, with three assistant professors (Draško Bjelica, Radomir Videnović and Slađana Ristić Gorgiev) and two teaching assistants (Goran Jakovljević and Ivana Ivković). Throughout the Department’s develoment, the number of teaching staff was increasing. At the beginnning of 2019, the Department has one full professor (Slađana Ristić Gorgiev), one associate professor (Zoran Dimić), four assistant professors (Biljana Radovanović, Goran Ružić, Goran Jakovljević and Bojan Blagojević), and four teaching assistants (Ivan Nikolić, Milan Jovanović, Dušan Milenković and Anđelija Milić), all of whom participate in both the teaching procedures and scientific research.

The Department organizes study on the BA and MA levels, in accordance with the Bologna process, which means that all courses last for one semester. Both programmes are licenced.

So far, the Department has annually organized the Day of Philosophy, which hosts lecturers from Serbia and abroad. The Department marked one hundred years of Kant’s death by a series of lectures which included professors Gligorije Zaječaranović, Zoran Dimić and Goran Ružić as the lecturers in the series.

The Department of Philosophy has also organized a number of lectures by various prominent scholars from the world of philosophy. Those include professors Lino Veljak from the University of Zagreb, Ferid Muhić and Kiril Temkov from the University of Skopje, Mladen Kozomara and Nikola Milošević from the University of Belgrade, etc.

The Department has published its proceedings, with papers written by the Department members.

The present Head of the Department is assistant professor Bojan Blagojević. He was preceeded by professors Draško Bjelica, Radomir Videnović, Slađana Ristić Gorgiev, Srboljub Dimitrijević, and Zoran Dimić.