Department of Communicology and Journalism

The Department of Communicology and Journalism was founded in 2004 (under the name of Department of Journalism), as an expression of the need for organizing the academic education for future journalists. Starting from the school year 2006/07, the Department has employed a reformed teaching plan, coordinated in its entirety with the Bologna Process and high international standards. In the meantime, the master studies of communicology were licenced in 2011, while the doctoral studies of Media and Society were licenced in 2014.

The curricula of all levels of study were developed in a modern fashion, in accordance with the technological transformations and communicational acceleration in the global surroundings. That implies that the courses which provide the necessary knowledge from: various basic-academic disciplines (sociology, linguistics, psychology, methodology...), specific theoretical disciplines (journalistic genres, systems of media, public opinions, journalist ethics...) and practical knowledge (radio journalism, TV journalism, public relations – PR...). The department has developed an excellent relationship with the media in Niš and the region, therefore educating media experts for the times to come, using appropriate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. That also entails the involvement of teachers and associates – experts from different scientific fields, where openness and quality collaboration with educational institutes is highly valued.

In 2021, the Department members are as follows: Zoran Jevtović, full professor, Tatjana Vulić, full professor, Vladeta Radović, associate professor, Dragana Pavlović, associate professor, Ivan Cvetanović, associate professor, Ivana Stojanović Prelević, associate professor, Anka Mihajlov Prokopović, assistant professor, Marija Vujović, assistant professor, Nataša Simeunović Bajić, assistant professor, Marta Mitrović, assistant professor, Neven Obradović, assistant professor, Dušan Aleksić, assistant professor, Velibor Petković, teaching assistant, Andrej Blagojević, teaching assistant, and Ivana Stamenković, teaching assistant, Ilija Milosavljević, researcher, Neda Necić, researcher, Jovana Trajković, researcher.

Choosing the profession of a journalist, a PR or a communicologist, you become a part of the creative industry which shapes reality!