Language, Literature, Power

On behalf of the LLP Organising Committee, it is our pleasure to send you the first Call for Papers containing information on the forthcoming conference Language, Literature, Power, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, which will be held on 6th and 7th May 2022.  

The renowned Serbian poet Branislav Brana Petrović in his poem ‘The power of speech’ claims: ’’The power of speech is both a special and the greatest power.’’ Less poetically, the British writer Angela Carter in her essay ‘Notes from the Front Line’ says: ’’Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation.’’ Even if we cannot identify with the poetic cry of the great Serbian poet Branko Miljković ’’Too strong a word killed me’’, we can agree that the power of words is undeniable.

Power as a concept can be viewed in all spheres of life and many research disciplines, but that would open up too wide a field of study.  Therefore, as researchers in the fields of humanities and social studies, at our traditional international conference, this year entitled Language, Literature, Power, we choose to focus on the power of words, as well as on the relationship between words and power manifested in various spheres of society and in literature. Thus we remain in the domain widely encompassing linguistic and literary studies as well as the neighbouring interdisciplinary studies, but nevertheless enable the participants to approach this general phenomenon in specific contexts and from their individual and original perspectives.

Powerless in front of the circumstances in times of the Covid-19 pandemics and an uncertain future, after 13 years of our regular spring meetings (2007–2019), we have to organize this conference in the same online video conference format as the one in 2021.

The conference languages are English and Serbian, for 15-minute presentations followed by 5 minutes of discussion time.  Detailed technical guidelines regarding this aspect of the conference will be sent in April 2022.

If you would like to participate, please fill in the registration form available at and submit it no later than 10th February 2022.  

More information is available on the website Language, Literature, Power.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and assessed according to their compatibility with the conference topic, academic merit, topic originality, approach and research. Notification of acceptance will be sent by the end of February 2022. A selection of papers will be published after the conference in a peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings. A single author can submit only one abstract, either for a single-authored or a co-authored paper, with no more than two co-authors.

The conference fee is 30 Euros (also payable in dinars), covering organisational costs and the costs of the conference proceedings publication. The conference fee in dinars is payable to the Faculty of Philosophy Niš bank account 840-1818666-89, reference number 74212125, the purpose of payment: conference fee for the conference “Language, Literature, Power”, and in euros to the Faculty of Philosophy Niš account 500100-100146351(SWIFT MESSAGE MT103-EUR   Iban: RS35840000000024379041).

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Niš, virtually!

With best regards,

Language, Literature, Power Conference Organising Committee